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How to claim?

Contact Maars Comics on any of the following links and contact with a direct message, tweet or chat in the Discord where you will be assisted. 
Once the site is upgraded you will be able to claim it here. Thank you for understanding. 



Still available colors of the book 

click on color for link to NFT


Collector rewards

First NFT Algorand Comic Book now comes in a eco friendly digital plastic wrap fully sealed and ready to go into hands of collectors. 

What are the perks?

The most unique and expensive pieces will always come in a form of reward for being a part of Maars Comics. With a minimal expense you will own best pieces. 
As an owner of these Collector rewards you will get Collector benefits that you can check here


Who can claim it?

Only collectors of full Episodes get this reward. The unique 1/1 NFT's that come in different color of the book border and sticker. To find out more about the collection and if you have a full episodes go to the link below.

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